Friday, September 17, 2010

Two new frames again

Here is a frame I made for my daycare providers nephew whom is due in October!
Its similar to a frame that I made in the past, but I love these colors!!

Here is a frame I made for my daycare providers pastor's wife! In it will go a poem for the wife, so I did not make a hang ribbon for this one, think it will go better in a stand!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some new frames in the works... made many between now and last blog, but didnt take any pictures... well, first one:

Frame for Gokhan and Sarah, tried something new with some mosaic tile, I like it?

Next one is for Fame's little girl, Jordan Sofia.... first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Fame with a baby carriage!!

And then finally, a frame for a loving family, I think I know where its going!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another frame for a romantic story...

This frame was created for my friend Fame. She and I were stationed together at Hurlburt Field a few years ago, and her recent marriage to her long lost love made me want to cry.

Fame and her husband Chaz were highschool sweethearts, and got split up against their will at a young age. After many failed relationships, and many years later, they found eachother online. They are now happily married!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

One for an unborn all american boy, and one for my Kaja

This red, white, and blue, is for
my husbands bosslady, he's not
born yet, but any day now!

This little frame I made last night,
just wanted to try something new,
and for sure not my best work, but hey;
I still think its cute!!

For the grandmothers!

This frame was created for my mom,
the most amazing woman in the world!
It was hard to make a craft for an incredibly crafty
person, but this was the final outcome:)

And for my husbands mother, the other
grandmother, or "Gran" as she likes to
be called:) She got this one as part of
her recent b-day gift!

Frames for special occasions!

My friend Dawns birthday!! She loves to cook,
and she loves purple and dragonflies:)

My friend Sarah, rough times, but
she is standing strong on her own to feet:)

The wonderful Ms. Natacha, my daughter's
daycare provider:) This frame is hanging
in the playroom now:)

And finally, a wedding in August.
My husbands uncle getting married this time!

New frames for new babies

Lille prinsesse baby Hedda fikk denne rammen.
Mange nye rammer laget til mange nye smaa:)

Denne rammen, var nesten ferdig, klar
til og reise til Norge, hvor min beste
venninde Stine, hadde faatt en liten gutt:)

Denne rammen laget jet til lille Sofie,
datteren til soeskenbarnet mitt:)